pySMPP - SMPP protocol for Python

pySMPP is a project that aims to implement the SMPP protocol in pure Python. It should be compatible at least with Python 2.2. All of the code is under the GPL license.

SMPP is the Simple Message Peer Protocol, used to connect to the SMSC of a Mobile phone-network operator over TCP/IP. Via this connection you can send and receive SMS messages to/from mobile phones.


2003-08-21: This is the start of the project on SourceForge. I'm uploading some stuff I've hacked in the CVS now. Its actually usable, but probably there are problems.


SMPP specification, find it on the smsforum site (they make it hard to put a direct link to the spec).
You can also use SMPPsim to test and play if you don't have access to a real SMPP server.

SourceForge project page (mailling lists, files, forums, bug reporting).

CVS access

Web access via ViewCVS
SorceForge provided daily snapshot
Or CVS shell access:
cvs login
cvs -z3 co pysmpp Logo Python Logo